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Vibrating training is growing and evolving quickly throughout the world. Here is some information and tips that will help you become educated on the benefits of vibration fitness therapy.

  • Burn Excess Fat and tone and tighten your skin.
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) output increased by up to 400%.
  • Increase muscle strength - as much as 50% in as little as 3 weeks!
  • Improves your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Builds bone density and fights osteoporosis.
  • Increase metabolism, helping to burn fat and raise energy levels.
  • Decreases cellulite and improves your body's natural collagen levels.
  • Reduces your back and joint pain.
  • Decrease blood pressure and cortisol levels.
  • Dramatically increase your flexibility.
  • Improved sense of balance and coordination.
  • Elevates your serotonin levels (better mood and sense of well being using vibration exercise)

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The Whole-body vibration trainer is able to enhance regenerative human growth hormone production as much as 400%. Vibration Fitness also greatly improves the circulation of your blood flow, increases the rate of your metabolism and enhances lymphatic drainage. What is more, vibration training helps build bone mass to fight osteoporosis. Vibration trainers rapidly increase your flexibility and are proven to reduce fat. In fact research shows vibration exericse results in up to 4 times the weight-loss when compared to regular cadio workouts.

Whole Body Vibration Training can replicate a one hour gym workout in just 10 minutes. How is this is accomplished? Well, the machines ability to produce therapeutic vibrations directly from the feet up and through your entire body and creating 2.8 - 3.5 times the normal gravity (Gs). These body vibrations force your muscles to contract and stretch, mimicking regular exercise but just exercising the muscles in very small movements. Although the contracting and stretching of the muscle is only a few millimeters, the effect is the same - muscle tissue is exercised and strength is increased but it does it up to 40 times faster. Your muscles can not tell the difference and react the same way by building strength as if you did regular exercise for much longer than you really did.

More benefits that can be gained with the vibration fitness such as increased bone density, improved flexibility, body toning, burn fat, increased your metabolism, better circulation, decreased in joint pain, and better lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Whole body vibration machine enhances production of your most important regenerative hormones such as HGH, and improves the circulation of your blood. Vibration exercise fitness increases the rate of your metabolism and enhances lymphatic drainage helping to detoxify the body. When you exercise using vibration fitness machines, you will be able to acquire more strength and stamina faster and have better agility. Furthermore, your tissues and muscles will be able to recover much more quickly while increasing your flexibility and fat reduction. Weight-loss has been proven in medical research reports to be almost 4 times as effective as regular exercise. See the report in our research section.

Fast effective and fun workouts

The original intended benefit of Vibration Exercise Therapy was increased bone density and muscle strength, but it turned out that the first advantage many users noticed was a dramatic increase in flexibility and range of motion. The quick contractions of muscle fiber not only created flexibility, but toned muscle and improved overall wellness.

The vibration fitness machine uses the most widely accepted and proven method of Triangular Oscillation Vibration which is multi dimentional and creates the most effective type of vibration to get results fast and safely. This type of vibration is very effective at healing joint problems unlike other equipment which can cause harm to joints with vertical vibration.

In fact, WebMD's Professor Barbara Resnick PhD, is one hundreds that have recently endorsed Whole Vibration Exercise as an effective treatment of osteoporosis after a research study. The test group participated in 3 Wholebody Vibration sessions per week, consisting of 6 one-minute bouts of low-frequency vibration, with 1-minute rest between bouts. After 8 months, Bone Mass Density in the WBV group increased by 4.3% (P = .011) further, the group also increased their balance by 29%. Showing vibration exericse machines to be more effective than the poplar medications on the market.

Fights Osteoporosis and Bone Loss

Bone decalcification (osteoporosis) is one of the biggest health problems especially in the elderly and women population. Many elderly people break their bones more easily when they fall because of bone decalcification; the hip is the most notorious in this respect. The onset of osteoporosis is partly due to a lack of movement, which Fights Bone Growthcauses muscles to gradually weaken, the circulation to diminish and the bones to be inadequately used. In addition, as a result of the ageing process, the body produces less hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and growth hormone. Yet it is exactly these hormones which play such an important role in the maintenance of strong bones, Europlate.

The advice usually given to sufferers of this disease is to take more exercise, but that is difficult when muscles are weak, particularly in the legs. Europlate Vibration Exercise offers a good alternative to vigorous impact exercise: through vibration the muscles automatically become stronger and regain their tone. The circulation improves because the blood vessels in the legs are wide open due to the vibration. At the same time, the pulsation gives a direct stimulus to bone tissue, which in turn stimulates the production of new bone tissue.

Europlate Scientific research shows that vibration training can help against osteoporosis. Recent findings show that even after only one vibration treatment, there is an increase in the hormone testosterone and growth hormone, which are so essential for strong bones.

Builds Muscle strength with Vibration
Increase your muscle strength up to 50% in as little as three weeks! Standing on the platform while the vibrating plate pulses through the body, causes a reflexive response in the body. Muscles expand and contract, developing physical well being, improved athletic capabilities and enhanced blood flow. Sporting injuries rehabilitate quicker using Vibration Training, regardless of medical, neurological or physical condition. It's a great alternative to strenuous exercise! Fatigue and lack of mobility are easily overcome with Vibration Exercise, ensuring a higher quality of life for everyone especially seniors.
Eases Joint Pain
Reduces your back and joint pain. Increase circulation to the inflicted joints, but provide traction and weight barring exercise in a non-impact environment. Vibration Exercise activates the glands to release your natural lubricants into your joints
Burns Fat and Cellulite using Whole-Boy Vibration
Burns Fat and tones and tightens skin. Weight loss can be achieved through vibration training. Metabolic rates increase using this machine, resulting in calorie burn. Vibration training helps to develop leaner muscle tissue and improved body tone while a combination of lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation promotes considerable fat reduction. studies have shown that using Vibration Training for 10 minutes per day, three times per week, compares to 60 minutes of conventional training with weights in a fitness facility

Research shows that after vibration training (just one session!), there is a high excretion of Testosterone and Growth Hormone. There is also a drop in the stress hormone cortisol. This combination has favorable effects on muscle protein synthesis.

Effect of vibration training on Hormones:

  • Testosterone: + 7%
  • Human Growth Hormone: + 460%
  • Cortisol: - 32%
    (Source: Bosco et al 2000)
Optimal fat burning

Vibration exercise fitness is the training method  of the 21st century. The vibration stimulation applied to the muscles is so effective that almost all of your muscles become active. whole-body vibration results in a higher temperature and an improved "metabolism', that burns fat at an accelerated pace. The target vibration fitness frequency, 22 to 30 Hz, stimulates the muscles and creates a stronger body even faster than regular exercise such as running, weightlifting, etc. Specific problem area's can be targeted through special massage exercises of which there are about 25 different positions. Optimal Fat burning capabilities of the vibration training machine have been proven to be four times as effective as dieting and regular exercise.

Body contour vibration fitness
Losing weight is not always the same as burning fat. Vibration training strengthens the muscles which in turn causes more calories to be used on a daily bases. When muscles burn more fat, the result will be less overall fat and a toned body. As the body contour improves and so does your figure as the reduction in fat and increases. As a side benefit vibration exercise greatly increases your bone density and does it better than any other exercise.

Musculature improvement with vibration
One goal of vibration training is to increases the sports and health results by offering the correct stimulation. The stimulation is the contraction of the muscles. The result of the vibration training will decrease if the stimulation  is not varied, in type and/or frequency. Vibration fitness have proven to be a simple and efficient way of stimulating the muscles and achieving better results: So called super compensation fitness.

Activate the blood circulation
An improved blood circulation, warming-up of the muscles and ligaments, ensures that the body is more flexible and that tension is released. This results in a lower injury risk with vibration training.

Vibrating Efficiency is extremely important for the application of medical apparatus. The first scientific research into Vibration training systems was published in the 90's. The more than 600 medical reports that have been published on vibration exercise machines have shown how effective vibration fitness is at weight-loss, strenghth building, pain reduction, bone loss prevention and many other issues.

Increase strength with vibration Therapy

The tilting Vibration exercise system offers sufficient training capabilities, so that a lack of strength, balance hindrance, and/or osteoporosis can be counteracted. These increases have been found to be twice as fast as regular exercise and weightlifting due to the natural reaction th ehuman body has to the specific type of vibration the vibration plate creates.

Recover program
The special revalidation programs, that offer measured releif of the joints and ligaments, can help you recover quickly and effectively, used in coordination with a good trainer/coach. Whole body vibration speeds the recovery of your muscles after running, sports, yoga, weight lifting and allows you to do more exercise or get on with your day faster and more comfortably.

Quick application
Vibration exercise medical tilting Vibration therapy can be added to the rehabilitation program at an early stage because of the precise dosage possibilities of amplitude and frequencies. Since vibration fitness is so exact it can be used shortly after sports injuries without worry of reinjury. This is why so many pro athletes are using the technology for rehabilitation.

Amplitude (range of movement)
The range of vibrating movement can be altered due to the fact that the Vibrations tilting is more intense at the outer part of the platform and much less in the center. This allows for precise adjustment of the vibration.

The root to many physiological complaints and constraints is lack of physical activity. Vibration exercise offers a unique training opportunity for people who can not endure normal fitness and/or cardio training. Perfect for the elderly or with people effected by parkinsons or Multiple scorosis. Falls in the elderly can be decreased by 80% in as little as 6 weeks.

Blood circulation
The tilting Vibration fitness system delivers a workout on the cardiovascular system that can be precisely regulated. Injuries will heal better due to improved blood circulation and the discharge of rest products will be improved. This cleanses the body of harmful toxins and assists the lyphatic system to drain.

Weak muscles
Spinal muscular atrophy, a name for a group of muscle diseases, is prevented. Used in coordination with a good trainer or coach vibration training can bring your level of fitness to levels you have never reached before. Spinal indicates that the disease van be found in the spinal column. Something is wrong with the nerves of the spinal column  that take care of the movement of the muscles. The nerves work insufficiently and can disappear. The muscles receive bad or no signals to move, they become weaker and thinner. The Vibration fitness system, when used with a correct revalidation scheme, increase the speed of the revalidation as the body experiences the Vibrations as natural. Tilting whole body Vibration fitness deployable at every sport Training with Vibration means more results in less time.

Fitness/ Sport
Specific muscle groups are trained through a diversity of vibrating exercises. The general stamina is improved by Whole Body Vibration. The Vibration makes you fitter, healthier and stronger, not to mention the anti-ageing benefits you receive.


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